Activity Notification

This form is to notify the Cabot District Commissioner about adventurous activities and activities outside the District. This form should be submitted at least seven days before the event.

Don't forget, if you activity includes a night away, you also need too complete a Nights Away Notification.

More information is available here.

Name of the qualified instructor. This could be a climbing or sailing instructor or an organisation such as Woodhouse Park, the Sailing Section.
If you provide an email address, the form will be copied to them.
Enter extra email addresses, separated by a comma to copy this form to them.

Note: When you send this form it will get emailed to the DC, relevant District team members, your GSL or DESC and yourself. If you do not receive an email copy of the form it either means the form has not sent for some reason or you have spelt your email address incorrectly.

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